Opihi Love Wedding
& Event Design

photography by Cadencia Photography

A gorgeous website redesign of one of Hawaii’s best boutique destination wedding & event styling companies. A new identity that embraces the beauty and style of Opihi Love.

User Experience, Web

We started with type

Which is most important? The typography or the photography? That’s a chicken-or-the-egg question, but there’s no doubt that it’s easier to brand with great photos. That’s why, when we started planning Opihi Love’s redesign, finding a great combination of type and styles to compliment their beautiful work became the first order of business.


We wanted the headers to have more pop than any font could provide, so we added a splash of color and an above-title subhead to intro each section. The body font was chosen for readability and softness on the eyes.


“Each of their weddings is a beautiful, unique experience. We wanted their website to seamlessly deliver the same experience to their visitors.”


John Franks, web & social


Beautiful Layout

Opihi Love had a lot of great content, so we wanted to present it in a way that would give first time visitors a broad look at their design style.


To be sure to deliver the content in a way that was natural and familiar to their audience, we used a simple, social media-style layout.  For us, it was crucial that the new Opihi Love identity be able to brand the company in a consistent manner and at the same time present each wedding or event as a unique experience.

Mobile Experience

Opihi Love’s new presence is focused on the visitors’ experience before, during and after their wedding or event. This meant more room for the experience, visuality and a strengthening of their branding through the use of the same design elements across their website and social media.


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